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ELECTRON CYCLES - Sur Ron “Enduro” ASI BAC8000 Controller + Display + 72v Battery 42Ah

Higher Volts, Higher Amps Higher RPM+ Higher Speed !
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  • Manufacturer: Electron Cycles
  • Sur Ron “Enduro” ASI BAC8000 (60v/72v) Controller + Display + 72v Battery 42Ah + Mounting Brackets 

    Higher Volts, Higher Amps Higher RPM+  Higher Speed !

    This is truly plug n play and expect RELIABLE speeds of around  70+ MPH
    All taxes and import duties paid and free UK shipping

    Now with stainless steel black powder coated mounts (only we include these)

    Power sets from Super 4500W to Extreme 13500

    Works on STD SR Battery (60V , Bypass Mod (60v)  and 72v aftermarket.


    ASI BAC8000

    This controller can take battery swaps ranging from the standard untouched Sur Ron battery,  including a  “Bypassed” Sur Ron battery and our aftermarket  battery  @ 72v (max 85V). This is predominatly a 72v Kit and not “tuned” for a std battery.

    The controller now features  a full working display showing: speed, power, battery charge, date and trip. Set with 5 power levels as default that can be flicked at the touch of a button on the fly  (just your thumb, no gloves off or stopping), Can be used like a gearbox to slip up and down the power levels (5 levels set as our default) to suite your terrain and riding style. (9 power levels available by simple settings in display for even greater refinement)

    The controller comes fully potted and with all leads and looms fitted and waterproofed. The mounts are in place, stainless steel and powder coated in black.

    Power levels:

    Power Level #1 60V standard Sur Ron Battery (All batteries)

    Power Level #1-2-3 60V Sur Ron Bypaased  battery and 72v battery

    Power levels  #4-5, Only our 72v battery (third party 72 batteries are not supported by us and may be damaged by this set up)

    Please note that running on full power for your type of battery, non stop with a wide open throttle is not a good idea and effectively red lining the motor like on a petrol bike. We strongly recomend that you upgrade to our hevay duty bash gurad to increase ari flow over the motor, make your frame stiffer and take heavier knocks. Increased air flow over the motor (cooling) will increase reliabilty.

    Unleash more performance and range with correct gearing.  Higher gears (Smaller rear sprocket) does not mean higher top speed. Over labouring the motor with the wrong gearing costs top speed, acceleration and range.

    A fast efficient spinning electric motor goes better – simple!.

    Our recommendations for a fully equipped 72v system:

    For road use:                           10-14 stone rider 52T.           15-17 stone rider 54T.        18+ stone rider plus: 56T

    For Off Road/Off Road:       10-14 stone rider 54T.            15-17 stone rider 56T.         18+ stone rider plus: 58T

    Pure Off-road/MX Race:      10-14 stone rider 56T.           15-17 stone rider 58T.        18+ stone rider plus: 60T

    Controller Feature Set

    • FOC (Field Oriented Control)
    • improved torque throughout the rev range
    • Higher RPM compared to the stock controller on 52V and especially on 72V
    • Silky smooth throttle control and responsiveness, like a fine adjustable knob on a light switch.
    • Improved efficiency due to FOC algorithm, premium internal components within the controller (like the mosfets) which increases efficiency while reducing heat losses
    • Loom
    • Mounting Kit
    • Install Instructions
    • Display
    • Both the ASI BAC4000 and ASI BAC8000 use almost the same programming. The ASI  BAC4000 under exceptional hot day and extreme hard use may throttle back and restricted to 431 Pahse Amps. the ASI BAC800 is capable of 850A. The ASI BAC8000 designed for much bigger motors, will not throttle back and will never be stressed.


    There is no actual need to to reset the display between voltages. However the battery status will show incorrectly if you do not. This is a simple few button press in the settings.

    The important factor to remember are:

    72V battery: full at 83V-84v and empty at 60v. If you have a battery with no BMS  discharge monitoring (only used to balance charge),  you must stop riding your bike at 59V/60V as going below could damage your battery. With the Electron Cycles 72v battery this is not and issue as the BMS will protect  the battery and cut your motor before damage to battery occurs.

    On a Sur Ron “Bypassed Battery. The battery if full at 67V and dead at 48v, However you will not be able to charge your battery if you go below 54V. This does not harm the battery but you will need to buy or “Recovery Charger”  if you want to get around 30% more range than a std SR battery:

    On a Sur Ron standard Battery. The battery if full at 67V and empty at 54v, The BMS in battery will stop your battery from drainingg too far. In reality there is very little gain on running a STD SR battery  with this controller.

    For a real show of power, take a look at this customer set up here on Youtube (we do not endorse road riding and this set up should be used on off road in accordance with legislation:

    Battery 72v 42Ah Molicel P42A 21700 cell 3024wH – (58% bigger capacity than a 60V std battery)

    Designed to run the ASI BAC4000 or BAC8000 and Nuclear controllers  (any 72v capable controller) up to 330 Amps and use on the Sur Ron Light Bee.

    This will not work with the original X Controller.

    These power packs are designed for ultimate power supply and are 58% bigger watts hours (3020) compared to the std battery (1920) and able to give out almost 4 times the power (discharge -amps)

    High Power Sur Ron Battery 20S1 P 72v 3020Wh 42Ah Molicell p42A high power 4200 mAh  per cell).  ANT bluetooth BMS (works on IOS and Android) designed to fit inside the Sur Ron battery compartment utilizing the existing battery tray. The Cells are genuine branded cells specifically designed for high output discharge and sustained high drain. Other inferior cells used in cheaper packs simply can’t deliver like these. If you think the cost is high, these batteries have 280 cells that retail in the UK for around £6 each! not including: BMS, fabrication and shipping taxes.

    The whole battery is fitted in  hand made stainless steel case designed to handle those inevitable and hopefully not painful “Offs” with hard off road rides and giving masses more protection.

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